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The instant exposure and interest you get from paid channels is VERY appealing. Also, plattforms like Meta and Google are VERY motivated to give you results, knowing you will then spend more and more. Its a win-win!

This type of activity can often feel a bit obscure, and not as concrete as paid channels. However, SalesCoil has developed new ways to enhance content-production and make it convert like never before.

Think of this like your office… except how it looks and feels is even MORE important. Yes, before an “interested” person becomes a customer he/she will visit your website many times. So, get a website that is your digital best attire. 

Finding and Retaining Customers

Where are they? How keep them? It can be very useful and lucrative to get a new perspective on those questions, since its easy to get stuck in habits. Let’s have a chat and see if they congregate in places you have not looked in a while.

You have probably seen movies where business folks exchange business-cards and “network”. Do you know how many do this in real-life? Virtually no one! Let’s have a talk about the right way to master this invaluable skill.

This is the best “bang for your buck” Customer-Relationship-Management systems, and its able to handle the entire process from ad to sale and resale. I can show you how to use the best settings and integrations. 

Artificial Intelligence

This is one of my passions now a days, and I am certain you will be amazed at what AI can do for YOU! Its just “ChatGPT” anymore, since its now possible to make custom GPTs, integrate AI with your data etc. Lets talk!

You’ve probably tried various “meh” chatbots, but that’s because they didn’t use OpenAI’s top models. I can create a bespoke chatbot, capable of handling complex tasks. They are built in Zapier… integrating with 6K different apps!

While it might sound related to AI, this is a separate thing. An AI actually thinks, behaving like a brain, while with automation a machine behaves just like a machine. It will automate tasks and do it precisely as told every time.

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