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With AI as an assistant, you can increase productivity so much that your workday becomes shorter. Plus, you can use the time you save to do the “little extra” HR looks for in promotions and salary increases. Can you afford not to learn to use AI?

The only requirement to use the “Full Package” is that you have a GPT Plus subscription: it costs 20 USD, can be purchased via, and is definitely worth the money!

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But do I really need to master AI?

"In my little groupchat with my tech CEO friends there’s this betting pool for the first year that there is a one-person billion dollar company," Altman told Ohanian. "Which would have been unimaginable without AI and now will happen."

By mastering AI, you can already start enjoying the benefits 😌


What do I learn?

This course provides a great start for using AI in the best way possible. Just like everything in life, there are more “wrong” ways to do X than “right” ones. Save a lot of time by learning “best practices” today!

  • What is “AI”?
  • Which AI is the best?
  • How do I get started with GPT?
  • Best way to use GPT?
  • Can I get GPT to help with this?
  • Want to create images with AI, how?
  • What about creating music with AI?
  • Generate video with AI!
  • Want to see the most shocking thing AI can do?

The course is structured so that it progresses chronologically from the simplest to more difficult levels. I will be adding new videos over time, depending on what course participants request.

YOU therefore have the opportunity to influence what the course contains!


Under finner du noen AI man kan bruke til alt mulig. De er skreddersydd for å håndtere Norsk bedre enn “standard” GPT, samt er de mer reflektert.

  • Norsk GPT: Skreddersydd for Norske brukere
  • Resonerende GPT: Tenker veldig dypt!
  • Idémyldring GPT: Fantastisk til å tenkte nytt

Yes, we do write a lot during work hours, so there’s a LOT of time to be saved here. Below you will find some AI that are absolutely king at this:

  • Super-autocorrect GPT
  • Advisory proofreader GPT
  • My personal blogger GPT

Asking a human for advice… is difficult for many. What if one could ask an AI trained on all information about the topic?

  • Lifecoach GPT
  • Mental-trainer GPT
  • Career-advisor GPT
eBook: FREE!

Here you will receive good advice on how to use AI, what it is, as well as a series of reflections on philosophical questions. We live in a very special time, where a new type of being is coming into existence!

These AI are tailored for various daily tasks and issues:

  • Chef Sové
  • Calm Tech Support
  • Interactive Science Book
  • CrimeStories featuring YOU
  • RomanceStories featuring YOU
  • HorrorStories featuring YOU

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